Consultation600 NOK
Osteopathy (per session)600 NOK
(Nutrition) First Diet Plan800 NOK
(Nutrition) Second Diet Onwards600 NOK


From the osteopathic point of view, inflammations are characterized by the loss of partial or total mobility of a joint.
The lack of joint mobility is caused by adhesions or shortening of certain muscles that by rejecting the stretch, limit movement.

The osteopathic treatment has the purpose of recovering this lost mobility, finding the origin and cause of the injury that in many occasions is not in the place of pain. To obtain the recovery of the joint or muscle movement, I use different techniques such as soft tissue treatment (massage), osteopathic normalization, stretching, diapasons, hook and neuromuscular bandage.


“Knowledge is power”. This saying is very true in the case of nutrition. Knowing what to eat, when to eat, but also how to eat; can help decrease inflammations in the body. In fact, I see it works for every person I talk to.

You are welcome to avail these services for any type of inflammation. Please make an appointment with me by clicking here.